Digital Arts Class Information

Digital Cinema Production

Students will be introduced to the beginning level of film production with an emphasis on cinematography and editing.

  • Must come to class prepared to PURSUE EXCELLENCE!
  • Students must be ON TIME and PREPARED for every class
  • Show respect for the studio and equipment
  • If you break the equipment, you pay for the repair or replacement
  • Show respect to peers when collaborating and critiquing

Course Goals and Objectives:

  • Understand basics of filmmaking; it’s techniques, and it’s art
  • Be able to create independent mini films on their own
  • Work in crews to collaborate and capture the story
  • Get experience in live production and creative production

 Class Topics:

  • Live Production
  • Morning Announcements
  • Football Games
  • School Events
  • Creative Production
  • Music Videos
  • TKA Highlight video
  • Interview
  • Testimony


  • Editing
  • Camera Angles
  • Story building
  • Crew Collaboration
  • Client Relations


  • Daily Grades = 2/5
  • Test/Projects = 2/5
  • Exam/Portfolio = 1/5


Instructor: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.