Dance Class Information

Students in each of the dance classes offered will learn to improve skills and strengthen technique in ballet, jazz and tap styles.

There is a $150 class fee per semester.

Special Note: This course may require students to participate in extra rehearsals and performances beyond the school day.

  • Learn to master foundational skills and improve technique in ballet, jazz and tap
  • Achieve the ability to assess their own and other dancers’ work through critical-thinking
  • Perform using dance technique with a proper interpretation of musicality and expression
  • Must come to class prepared to PURSUE EXCELLENCE!
  • Students must be ON TIME and PREPARED for every class.


  • Grades 7-8           Daily Grades = 2/5            Test/Performance Grades = 2/5                Nine-week Exam = 1/5
  • Grades 9-12         Daily Grades = 2/5            Test/Performance Grades = 2/5                Skills Evaluation = 1/5

Daily Grades

A total of 100 points will be earned for each daily grade based on the following:

  • Arriving on time fully dressed out with hair in a bun for ballet, ponytail for jazz/tap and proper shoes
  • Staying focused during the class and maintaining proper dance class comportment
  • Using full energy and executing movements as prescribed by the teacher

Points will be deducted for the following:

  • Unexcused tardy = 2 pts off for each minute late without an excused pass
  • Failure to dress out = 20 pts off for not dressing out, 10 points off for not having proper shoes
  • Failure to have hair in proper way or wearing jewelry other than stud earrings = 10 points off
  • Unexcused Non-Participation = zero (0) for the day
  • Students must participate unless they have a note from a parent explaining why they are unable to participate. A parent note will only be sufficient for 3 consecutive days, after which a Doctor’s note is required. Students must write a written observation when they sit out to be turned in at the end of class. Since dance is a participatory art form, if total absences/non-participation exceeds 20% of total classes, a report may be assigned to earn full credit for the course.

Dress and Hair Code:

  • Students must wear the attire specified in the “Supply List for Dance” and refrain from wearing jewelry.
  • For class, girls wear pink tights, black tank leotard, proper shoes for given class, hair in a bun for ballet and ponytail for all other classes. Boys wear black athletic shorts, white form-fittedT-shirt and proper shoes.
  • Girls should wear their ballet skirt or bike shorts over leotard and tights to walk to and from class to locker.

Studio Etiquette:

  • Show respect for the place we dance and keep it clean. Only water bottles with lids are allowed in the studio. No other food or drink is allowed. No street shoes allowed, only dance shoes.
  • Show respect for the teacher by staying silent, focused and working to your fullest potential at all times.
  • Show respect for fellow dancers by encouraging them, never criticizing and strive to act Christ-like.
  • Stand at all times with confidence and proper posture during class unless asked to sit down.